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In 2021, we have researched the experiences of transgender, intersex, and non-binary people with discrimination at the workplace. In the same year, we have also researched the experiences of HR-professionals with supporting these employees. You can find the results in Trans, intersex, and non-binary people at work in the Netherlands: A national report.

  • Tip: Follow a sensitivity training to become more familiar with the struggles that transgender, intersex, and non-binary employees face at work

  • Tip: Follow a training aimed at transgender, intersex, and non-binary people to gain more knowledge on your rights

  • Tip: Be prepared: implement policies on how to deal with transphobic situations before they occur


‘Inclusion4All — Trans, intersex, and non-binary people at work’ is a two year project that ran from 2020 to 2022. We worked together with four international partnerorganisations: lgbti-organisation Háttér Társaság from Hungary, the University of Brescia from Italy, women’s emancipation organisation Surt from Spain, and Zagreb Pride from Croatia.

The European project Inclusion4All was funded by the European Union under the ‘Rights, Equality and Citizenship’ program, and co-funded by the Dutch Ministry of OCW.

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Lis Dekkers

mascotte transgender netwerk Onderzoek

"I was told, ‘when you start your transition, your letter of resignation will be on your desk.’"

A research participant

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