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Report Discrimination and Violence

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Have you been insulted, bullied, or treated differently because of your gender identity? You can report this. This can be done through an anti-discrimination bureau or directly with us. You can also contact the police to make a report or file a complaint.

Discrimination at school, on the train, on the internet, at the workplace, or within your family: discrimination against transgender individuals is a daily occurrence. However, just because it happens does not mean it is acceptable or ‘just part of life.’ Transgender and non-binary individuals have just as much right to a life without discrimination as anyone else.

You can report the discrimination you have experienced to us. We will contact you as soon as possible. In some situations, we may mediate, but if you prefer, we can also forward your report to an anti-discrimination bureau in your region. They can support you, provide advice, mediate, and if necessary, submit the incident to the College for Human Rights.

We handle your report and story with care. Your report remains anonymous. Only if you indicate that you want us to forward your report to an anti-discrimination bureau will we do so along with your contact information. These agencies also handle your data with care.

You can also always call us on working days on 020 205 0915 to make a report by telephone or to ask questions.

In case of violence, threat of violence, arson, or vandalism, contact the police immediately. In emergencies, call 112. With a formal complaint, the police will investigate the perpetrators. If you are unsure about filing a complaint with the police, always contact the LGBTQ+ police network Roze in Blauw (Pink in Blue) at 088-1691234. Victims of sexual violence can seek help (anonymously) at the center for sexual violence, through their website chat, or by calling 0800-0188, available 24/7.

You can also only report the incident to the police. This is also possible if you are a witness, and it can be done anonymously. This tells the police that, for example, certain places are less safe and that they should visit them more often.

Report discrimination

Reports of discrimination can be sent to us using this form.

I report discrimination for:
In what sphere of life or environment did it take place?(Vereist)
Does your report concern multiple incidents in different environments or spheres of life? Then check all options that apply.
Provide a detailed description of the incident.
This information is necessary, among other things, to refer you to the correct anti-discrimination facility.
This information is necessary to refer you to the appropriate anti-discrimination facility.
For a proper handling of your report by an anti-discrimination bureau, we recommend you to provide your phone number.

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