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When you, as a bicultural transgender person, are open about your feelings, it can happen that you are not accepted or rejected by friends and family. Bicultural transgender individuals also often face exclusion and discrimination due to the various aspects of their identity.

Your coming-out can be challenging or even unsafe. Therefore, it is important to consider your personal circumstances and the challenges you are facing. Mainstream LGBTQ+ organizations are not always inclusive enough for bicultural transgender individuals. It is crucial to find a community that welcomes you as you are and understands your specific needs, such as discovering your own identity and how it fits within the culture or religion to which you are connected.

That’s why it’s important for individuals in the community to organize themselves, for example, by establishing their own organization, creating a Safe Space, and organizing activities.

In the Netherlands, there are initiatives for bicultural LGBTQ+ individuals in several places. Additionally, there are organizations and activities specifically for bicultural transgender individuals. The T-huis in Amsterdam is unique as the first safe space specifically for transgender individuals, primarily focusing on bicultural transgender persons. Various activities and services are offered there. The T-huis is mainly coordinated by Trans United, a foundation dedicated to strengthening the position and promoting the emancipation of bicultural transgender individuals in the Netherlands through support, education, and empowerment for and by the bicultural transgender community.

Check the agenda at or follow the Facebook page of Transgender Europe. In addition to Trans United, there are various organizations in Amsterdam that organize activities for the bicultural transgender community, either at the T-huis or other locations. Examples include Papaya Kuir, an intersectional feminist collective for and by trans- and queer Latinx newcomers in the Netherlands, and the Manish. Cave, which mainly focuses on Black & People of Color (BPOC) transmasculine individuals. In addition, you can go to LGBTI+ organizations in various cities for bicultural people and newcomers.

Many addresses can be found on the Transgender Wegwijzer.

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